What is the procedure after placing the order?

You placed an order. After this you will get an email or fax with the layout and equipment for your booth. If you have any changes or wishes, please note them on the order then send the signed order back to us via fax or email.

Only then the order is binding. In addition, you will get a confirmation and bill from us. When your bill is paid we will start with the production of your stand.

For the fabric banner we need a printable data file from you. Please note, you will find the specifications in the download area

How much lead time is required between the order and the event?

Ideally it is better for us to know about your event as soon as possible.

6 weeks is our typical lead time.

However, if you decide only weeks before the event, do not hesitate to contact us. We produce our own systems so a 10 day turnaround is possible for an additional 40% charge.

general questions

What does the booth system look like?

The booth system is meant to take a back seat. The surface is only interrupted by viewable brackets in the corners.

How much space do we need for one meeting table (round, d=70cm) and four meeting chairs?

You should calculate 4sqm.

Which size has the system door and is it lockable?

The door frame is 1,0m x 2,0m (wxh), the door is 0,83m x 1,97m (wxh). The door is lockable, one key will be delivered.

Do you have enough material/equipment to build booths in different sizes and locations at the same time?

We have more than 2.500sqm material which can be mounted with short lead times.

Can we also get furniture and carpet from you even if we do not order a booth?

No, there are other suppliers at the trade show for this. is a full-line supplier. When you order a booth from us, additional wishes are no problem.

Where can we find the general terms and conditions?

You can find them under „Downloads“.


How can such a system be so reasonably priced?

Due to our standard design and regular basic concepts there is no additional layout cost. As the producer of the system there are no retailer margins. The standard design allows everybody to choose a booth via internet. This alleviates trips to the booth builder, long telephone calls, and the lengthy determination process. Additionally, this keeps the work load for both companies down.

service features

Which service features do we supply to you?

For a minimal fee of 150,00 EUR we take care of the following features:

• registration for the power supply
• registration of water and sewage supply
• order for waste disposal
• order for booth cleaning
• booth security

• obtaining of booth construction permits

We care for the above mentioned registrations and orders, the cost of these consumptions have to be paid by you to the fair company and their suppliers.

To make all these registrations and orders we need written authority or your access data from the online-order-system.

booth size / kind

What happens, if the booth size I need is not in the select list?

For example, your booth is 28sqm. This size is not in the select list. Please choose the next bigger size – in this case 30sqm – and make a notation in the “questions / notes” field. We will consider this in the offer and layout for you.

Can we also get a booth from you, when the design differs from the one shown on your homepage?
If the furniture and elements we have imagined are not shown, what can we do then?

If you want a booth which differs from the ones shown or if you want a booth designed only for you, please give us a call +49 (0)5132 - 87 86- 50 or send an email to:

What happens, if the fair does not allow booths to be built as high as it is planned?

That is not a problem, as the producer of the booths we can vary the heights. This may mean an additional cost, but we would tell you before proceeding any further.


How do we have to apply the data files?

In the „download” area you´ll find a data specification “Datasheet / digiprints”.

We do not have appropriate data files, can you help us?

For a minimal charge, our team will work with you to create and edit your data file to produce the graphics you are seeking. For this you will get a separate offer from us before.

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